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Nohô sharing: why did I adore this leatherworker’s workshop?


von Nohô

Am Mardi 02 Mars 2021 um 17:19

'atelier d'un maroquinier

Choosing to share on the Nohô site allows us to learn more about a passion, old or emerging, that drives us. Laurence wanted to discover a leatherworker’s workshop and leatherwork. She left with a personalized DIY pouch. Testimony.

Why did you choose a workshop with a leatherworker?

I have always loved tailoring. Maybe it’s because my grandmother did a lot of repairs and made little dolls. When she opened her sewing box, I was fascinated. Even today, I really like sewing. When my children were born, I made diaper racks, pouches and pillow covers. However, I had never worked with leather. Suddenly the experience offered by Michaël of “La Forge du maroquinier” appealed to me immediately.

How does a Nohô share work?

Initially, I was looking on the Nohô application for offers from hosts in the village where I will be spending my next vacation. I was looking for an activity with animals, something that we could do with the children. Then I wanted to see who was offering what near my home. And that’s how I read the sharing posted by Michaël … To book, it’s very simple: I chose the day and time and I paid € 30. I was alone, but if I had wanted I could have been accompanied by other people for the same price. Then we exchanged by message to find out exactly how the sharing was going to happen. On D-Day, I went to “La Forge du maroquinier”.

How did this Nohô sharing go?

Michaël is a very welcoming host. He started by showing me around his studio and explained to me why he opened this place. I was able to observe all the stages of his work. He offered to create a small pouch for my Navigo pass. I was able to choose the color of the skin and the thread and even use his machine to sew the leather because I had sewing skills. I have really enjoyed!

Is it the best way to discover a profession?

Certainly yes! To book a Nohô sharing with a host, allows you to discover a profession, a passion or an associative and humanitarian commitment for example. You may not really have time in two hours to understand all the workings of a profession, but you can still get a taste. It is also perfect for young people who want to get an idea of ​​a job. This can give them ideas for their internship or career guidance, for example. With the Nohô application, they thus have access to different jobs and fields of activity sometimes very far from their world: they can attend a shooting with a photographer, be present on a film shoot with a director, observe a baker at work… There are really plenty of possibilities!

What are the differences with a traditional activity?

When you book an activity, such as a city tour, it is usually very well-defined. The experience is organized to be sold, there may be several participants that we do not know. Moreover, the facilitator is simply doing his job and may not even be necessarily passionate about the activity for which he is responsible. AT the end, you don’t really meet the person and his skills.

A Nohô sharing is good because …

Nohô hosts don’t create an ad to sell a service, but only to share their passion with other people! Michaël has a passion for leather and leather goods and that changes everything: there is a real exchange!

To remember

  • Book a Nohô sharing, this allows you to discover a profession, a passion or an associative and humanitarian commitment for example. It is also good for young people who want to get an idea of ​​a job.
  • When sharing Nohô, Nohô hosts are not looking to sell a service, but to share their passion with other people. A Nohô sharing is based on exchange. And it’s good!
  • A traditional activity like a guided tour is designed to be sold. It is sometimes organized with several participants. There is no real meeting or discovery of another person.

von Nohô

Am Mardi 02 Mars 2021 um 17:19

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